Residential Weekend

TO be confirmed

   There will be time to rest and time to work.

   Many different aspects of Taiji, Qigong and Meditation will be covered by three teachers whose combined practice of over 70 years will cater to the full range of experience from complete beginners upward


 Residential:    Own Room    TBC last year £360    

Non- residential:     Saturday only;    TBC    last year £115   Sunday only;   TBC last year £85


    “What a lovely experience. Such a joy, can’t fault any of it"   

      “The workshops were fun & extremely helpful. My tai chi progressed in several ways, thank you. I’d love to come back  next year.”

    “Very enjoyable tai chi, so good building on the lessons learnt  in previous sessions. Good to really get into it without home


      “As a beginner the teaching was excellent & gave a real insight into the potential of tai chi.”


Residential Instructors

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Emma Westlake (Oxford School of Tai Chi & Chi Kung)

Emma (in forefront) on cover of  'Tai Chi for Everybody' by Eva and Karel Koscuba

Emma’s interest in physical movement began when she was young, firstly training in dance and then later becoming a junior international athlete. Her long term interest in health and healing led her to a degree in physiology at Oxford University where she captained the university women’s athletics team. An illness contracted whilst traveling led her to become more interested in holistic approaches to health and well-being.

Emma began studying Tai Chi in 1991 and teaching in 1995. She first started learning with her partner, Phil, practicing the Yang style short form. In 1996, they met Karel and Eva Koskuba and started studying classical Yang style. This led on to studying Chen style and contact with Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang. Through the Koskuba's, Emma (and Phil) have attended many workshops with visiting Tai Chi masters and, during a couple of trips to China, have trained with some of the top Tai Chi/internal martial arts practitioners in the world including; Chen Xiaoxing, Chen Bing, Du Xianming, Yao Chengguang and Feng Zhiqiang.

Emma is also a practising Craniosacral therapist and has been attending yearly meditation retreats since 1991. These influences feature in her understanding and teaching of Tai Chi Chuan. 

The Oxford School of Tai Chi has recently been honoured by Chen Bing becoming its president.

Phil Muil (Oxford School of Tai Chi & Chi Kung)

Phil receiving certification from Grandmaster Chen Xiao Wang

After studying Judo as a child, Phil began practicing martial arts seriously in 1981 with Tae Kwon Do. He studied with Orello Ellis (world, European and British champion), winning national tournaments in free sparring. During this time he also trained in Kung Fu with Clive Parkinson (world Kung Fu champion) and with other styles, Karate, etc.

In 1987, Phil embarked on a major change of direction, beginning; Tai Chi Chuan, Chi Kung, Aikido, meditation and Yoga. Although he continued Aikido for three years, it and yoga fell by the wayside as his interest in Tai Chi, Chi Kung and meditation grew.

Phil began Tai Chi with Cheng Man-ching Yang Style under Richard Druitt and explored various influences over the next several years.

In 1996 Phil & Em met Karel & Eva Koskuba and immediately recognising the high level of their skill, have been studying with them ever since. During this time they have studied Classical Yang style and Chen style Tai Chi ( & a little bit of other styles). Phil & Em have twice visited China in the company of Karel & Eva, been introduced to and trained with their teachers.

In 2006 Phil & Em were present at the Ceremony ( in Chen Village) where both Karel & Eva were invited to become 'Indoor students' of Grand Master Chen Xiao Wang, 20th Generation Lineage Holders of Chen Style Taijiquan.

Through their teachers Phil & Em have been able to meet and study with some of the top masters in the world today; Chen Xiao-wang, Chen Bing, Chen Xiao-xing, Du Xian-ming, Yao Cheng-guang, Feng Zhi-qiang & Wang Hao-da. Other teachers studied with include; Master's Jan Silberstorf & Mike Sigman. 

 Phil has been attending retreats and studying meditation since 1990 at Amaravati Buddhist Monastery. As well as running his treehouse-building business Phil works as a part-time mediator.