Over 50s Tai Chi In Oxfordshire

As we get older the necessity of looking after ourselves becomes increasingly obvious whereas the desire to undergo the discomfort often associated with exercise diminishes. Tai Chi, unlike many other forms of exercise, requires students to practice in the most unhurried, gentle and relaxed way possible in order to gain maximum benefits. The effortless movements are practiced with calm concentration making practice extremely pleasurable.

Current research has proven the beneficial and therapeutic value of Tai Chi. As a weight bearing and moderate intensity cardiovascular exercise the practice of Tai Chi can improve balance, reduce falls and increase leg strength. It has also been shown to lower stress hormones, enhance respiratory and immune function and even promote emotional well-being. Tai Chi can help you to rediscover what a truly relaxed and correctly aligned natural posture feels like and how to maintain it in everyday life.

There has been much research supporting Taiji's claims (Click on Taiji research and the article Qigong and Aging in the sidebar)

In classes students may use chairs to support balance and many exercises can be performed sitting down. Class content will include:

These classes are supported by AgeUK and Oxfordshire County Council Learning Skills Agency.

Over 50s classes are currently running in:

Watlington Memorial Hall, Watlington High Street, Watlington

OX49 5PY

Tuesday Mornings.  11.00 - 12.00  

Wallingford. Centre 70, The Kine Croft, Wallingford,

OX10 0DT

Tuesday Afternoons 2.00 - 3.00 p.m.

Charbury Methodist Church Hall, Fishers Lane, Charlbury

Wednesday Mornings. 11.15 - 12.15

Henley YMCA Hall, Lawson Road, Henley on Thames

Thursday mornings 11.15 am - 12.15 pm

Steventon Village hall, The Green, Steventon, Oxfordshire OX13 6RR

Monday afternoons 2.15 - 3.15 pm

For all classes contact Alan on 07971 261696  Email: taichialan@gmail.com